The High Jump is a track and field event in which competitors must jump unaided over a horizontal bar placed at measured heights without dislodging it.  Performed since ancient times, competitors have introduced increasingly more  effective ways to get over the bar.  Conversely, the Limbo is a traditional popular dance that originated on the island of Trinidad.  A horizontal bar is placed atop two vertical bars.  All contestants must attempt to go under the bar with their backs facing the floor.  The bar gets lower as the contest goes on.  Whoever knocks the bar off or fall is eliminated from the contest.  Traditionally, the dance began at the lowest possible bar and the bar was gradually raised, signifying an emergence from death to life.  As standards are lowered in today’s society like a fisherman’s rod in the ocean, do you prefer the limbo or the high jump?  When you are given the choice to work extra hours to help a project at work get completed by it’s deadline, do you go over the bar or under the bar?  When your volunteer hours at church are stacking up like dirty laundry in a Freshmen’s dorm and the Pastor asks for more; Limbo or High Jump?  When help is needed at your children’s school; atop or below?  When my life was caught up in a whirlwind of turbulence like a Boeing Airbus 380 in a wind storm, I chose under 100% percent of the time.  But as I grow spiritually, I find that I prefer the High Jump now.  At the 1968 Summer Olympics, Dick Fosbury perfected a technique called the “Fosbury flop” which allowed jumpers to raise the bar even higher and is still in existence today.  So what technique are you using to up the ante in your performance called life?  In a day and age when it’s so easy to criticize, denounce, lambaste, and condemn others; I drop by here to tell you that it is even easier to praise, laud, compliment, and congratulate!  It takes less effort and is gratifying to all involved.  Start raising your bar today and see where it takes you.  The sky’s the limit!

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